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21 June, Wed
Why Atlanta is a great place for startups

Atlanta has long been a hub for big companies—think Home Depot, UPS, Cisco, and Coca-Cola—and now it’s quickly becoming the tech startup center of the South. The Atlanta Tech Village (ATV) houses over 600 startup companies, making it the largest tech entrepreneurial hub in the Southeast and the fourth largest in the country. The city has seen several large IPOs—most recently, Carvana comes to mind—and successful exits from small to larger enterprises including billion-dollar unicorns like AirWatch (sold for $1.4 billion to VMWare, who kept the company in Atlanta).

International enterprises choose Atlanta over Silicon Valley due to time zones and access to the busiest airport in the world, and over New York City or Boston due to affordability. European transplants TruRating and Algolia landed here recently from overseas and are successfully building teams with the talent they find here. The city’s FinTech industry is stronger than ever: more than 60 percent of payment processing companies are based in Atlanta and 70 percent of all U.S. payments processed run through Georgia, earning the region the nickname of “Transaction Alley.” We’re also growing in the marketing, software and cybersecurity sectors.

Thinking of growing your startup in Atlanta? Here’s why you should move down to ATL and join our thriving tech scene.


Not too long, Atlanta’s quality of life topped Money’s City for Millennials list and Nielsen named it the #4 Metro Area with the fastest growing young population in 2015—in large part because those just starting their career can actually afford to live here. No matter how many CEOs or entrepreneurs we interview, everyone agrees that Atlanta’s affordable rents and low cost of living helps them thrive, take more risks with their startups, and innovate more.

Access to resources

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport gives you access to 80 percent of the U.S. market, including other major tech hubs like New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. With Delta, Home Depot, Coca-Cola, and other Fortune 500 companies nearby, you have access to major players and innovators.

In every neighborhood, there’s a co-working space full of connections waiting to be made—in addition to local mainstays like ATV, Strongbox West and Switchyards Downtown Club, there are multiple locations of international co-working spaces like WeWork and Industrious. Education is accessible and affordable, even for those switching careers, from places like General Assembly Atlanta to the numerous coding bootcamps.

Diversity and inclusion

Atlanta is the fifth best metropolitan city for women-owned firms and a hub for minority entrepreneurs. Organizations like the Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative and pitch competitions like Startup Runway cater to entrepreneurs trying to get their startups off the ground. Diversity and inclusion are a major initiative and focus for Atlanta-area enterprises including VMware, Home Depot, Cox Enterprises, and Southern Company Gas.


With Georgia Institute of Technology (the only university on the Fast Company Most Innovative list!), Georgia State University, and Emory University nurturing students across Atlanta, the talent pool is unmatched. Add to that the large concentration of incubators and accelerators such as ATDC, Techstars AtlantaTechSquare Labs, and many others, nurturing and retaining talent is Atlanta’s number-one priority.

Last year, Metro Atlanta was named among the top 19 knowledge capitals in the U.S. and Europe, producing 4,000 new jobs in mobile app development alone and fostering over 3,000 new startups, according to the Metro Atlanta Chamber.

Thriving business climate

Georgia was named the top state to do business for the third year in a row last year, according to Area Development. Better yet, Georgia has your back during tax seasonand gives you some relief (and incentives) to continue building a startup here. If your company is planning to hire, re-train staff, or seek more funding, you can take advantage of the angel investor tax credit, retraining tax credit, job tax credit, and/or the research and experimentation tax credit.

Startup founders are busy people, and don’t have time for a city that doesn’t support them. It’s a good thing then, that Atlanta is known as “the city too busy to hate.”

Welcome to Atlanta, where the students learn, the community supports, and the founders build.

July 2017
18 July, Tuesday

Yep. Glass is back.

17 July, Monday
Elon Musk Lays Out Worst-Case Scenario for AI Threat

Powerful technology will threaten all human jobs, could even spark a war, Tesla CEO says

14 July, Friday
High-speed Hyperloop project ready for key test in Nevada

Engineers will soon conduct a crucial test of a futuristic technology championed by entrepreneur Elon Musk that seeks to revolutionize transportation by sending passengers and cargo packed into pods through an intercity system of vacuum tubes.

13 July, Thursday
Uber, Yandex combine ridesharing and UberEATS in Russian markets in a $3.72B JV

Uber announced that it will be combining its rides-on-demand business and UberEATS, its food ordering and delivery business, in Russia and neighboring markets, with Yandex.Taxi, the ridesharing business.

12 July, Wednesday
Microsoft's new iPhone app narrates the world for blind people

The app uses AI to recognize people, objects, and scenes

07 July, Friday
Tesla will build world’s largest battery storage facility for Australian wind farm

Tesla will up its game in the renewable energy storage market with the largest lithium-ion battery storage facility in the world, to be built for Australia’s Hornsdale Wind Farm, with a completion date of December 1, 2017. 

05 July, Wednesday
Amazon’s Alexa passes 15,000 skills, up from 10,000 in February

Amazon’s Alexa voice platform has now passed 15,000 skills — the voice-powered apps that run on devices like the Echo speaker, Echo Dot, newer Echo Show and others. The figure is up from the 10,000 skills Amazon officially announced back in February, which had then represented a 3x increase from September.

June 2017
29 June, Thursday
Instagram now uses AI to block offensive comments

Instagram is introducing an enhanced comment filter today meant to wipe out nasty remarks using AI. 

28 June, Wednesday
Russia and Brazil aim to develop high tech partnerships

During official talks with his Brazilian counterpart, Michel Temer, in Moscow on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin hailed the cooperation between the two countries in the field of technologies.

Putin noted that Russia and Brazil already cooperate closely in space exploration and that there are plans to develop cooperation in Earth monitoring from space.

27 June, Tuesday
Apple acquires SMI eye-tracking company

In a move that is sure to stoke rumors about Apple’s future work in augmented and virtual reality technologies, Apple has acquired SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI), an eye-tracking firm, MacRumors reports.

22 June, Thursday
X-Ray Eyes in the Sky

UCSB researchers have proposed a new method for 3D through-wall imaging that utilizes drones and WiFi

20 June, Tuesday
Global risk analysis gets an artificial intelligence upgrade with GeoQuant

The global risk analysis used by big banks, hedge funds, and governments to inform their decision-making around everything from foreign currency investment to foreign aid is getting the machine learning treatment with the launch of the new startup GeoQuant.

May 2017
31 May, Wednesday
Elon Musk's Solar Roofs Have Some Serious (and Seriously Cheap) Competition

A team of researchers in Australia has created a solution that could make solar energy far more accessible.

25 May, Thursday
Airbnb is running its own internal university to teach data science

Tech companies, and increasingly even non-tech companies, are struggling with the fact that there are not enough trained data scientists to fill market demand. 

23 May, Tuesday
IKEA launches online sales and builds giant distribution center in Russia

Illustrating the appeal of the Russian e-commerce market, IKEA Russia has made a substantial part of its assortment available online to the inhabitants of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and their surrounding areas, as well as of several cities of Siberia, the Far East, the Central and Northwestern federal districts.

22 May, Monday
2017 VC Market: U.S. Startup Investment Picks Up In Q1

U.S. startup investment activity somewhat rebounded after a downturn late last year, with larger rounds and an improving environment for tech IPOs. However, funding totals are still below the highs set several quarters ago...

18 May, Thursday
Russian programing language - Kotlin - on Android. Now official

Today, at the Google I/O keynote, the Android team announced first-class support for Kotlin. We believe this is a great step for Kotlin, and fantastic news for Android developers as well as the rest of our community. We’re thrilled with the opportunities this opens up.

17 May, Wednesday
The thaw of the Russian venture market

From the seed stage to maturity deals, venture investment amounted to $894 million last year, up from just $383 million in 2015. “Market growth was essentially driven by a dramatic increase in expansion deals, whereas the volume of seed- and startup-stage deals fell to new lows,” notes Arseniy Dabbakh of RG Partners

16 May, Tuesday
Mid-sized Japanese firms invest in robots and automation due to labor shortage

Desperate to overcome Japan’s growing shortage of labor, mid-sized companies are planning to buy robots and other equipment to automate a wide range of tasks, including manufacturing, earthmoving and hotel room service.

According to a Bank of Japan survey, companies with share capital of 100 million yen to 1 billion yen plan to boost investment in the fiscal year that started in April by 17.5 percent, the highest level on record.

15 May, Monday
Lyft and Waymo Reach Deal to Collaborate on Self-Driving Cars

SAN FRANCISCO — As the race to bring self-driving vehicles to the public intensifies, two of Silicon Valley’s most prominent players are teaming up.