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11 October, Wed
GVA TeenStart 2 was launched on the 11th of October!
The main aim of the program is to provide entrepreneurial training for young people. During the entire program all participants will be assisted by the most experienced Russian businessmen and leading experts on innovations, business and startups. So, Boris Ryabov, the founder of a venture capital firm Bright Capital, is among the mentors. Methodology of GVA TeenStart 2 was developed by Pavel Luksha, a Professor of Practice, Director of corporate training programs of “Skolkovo” Moscow School of Management and Ekaterina Luksha, the leader of an international community “Voices of Youth”, expert on launching children`s business projects. The program began with the welcome event, where participants received an opportunity to get acquainted with each other and to meet their future mentors. CEO of GVA Zamir Shukhov and Development Director Daniil Kozlov addressed the participants during welcome meeting, told how the company came up with the idea of TeenStart 2 and explained why such programs are an important part of today schoolchildren`s education. Moreover, GVA representatives shared with audience a couple of success-stories of young entrepreneurs from different countries, proving that young age is not a hindrance to success and it`s never too early to start. Participants also shared their expectations on the program. “I`m here to understand what startups are and what I want for myself in future. Moreover, I want to develop an idea for further realization”, - commented one of the participants, Milan Ykhno. Another participant Ilya Popov noted that TeenStart 2 is a valuable opportunity to learn the basics of doing business, which is not to be missed as “startups are the future”. For the majority of participants TeenStart 2 is, first of all, an opportunity to earn practical skills and get to know, how they can implement their ideas. Furthermore, young people also noted that they want to find new friends on the program, learn to work together as a team and cultivate leadership. The heavy program guarantees that all of participants` expectations will definitely be realized, as a wide range of activities will be organized for them. They will take part in workshops on prototyping projects, learn how to attract and retain customers and how to make public presentations. Moreover, they will pass a rope course which will help them to unite in a cohesive team. All activities will be spearheaded by experts with years of experience in entrepreneurship. Besides, participants will visit offices of the most successful startups, like BelkaCar and innovative spaces of major international companies. So, they are going to visit “Territory” ecosystem, the Youth Innovation Creativity Centre, innovative space IKEA Centres Russia: PO₂RT Co-working and Skolkovo Innovation Centre. The program is supported by IKEA and R-Pharm, which made participation in GVA TeenStart 2 free for children of the stuff. We do believe in our young entrepreneurs and will follow up their progress! 
April 2018
DI Telegraph
VC vs. ICO: Global fundraising & Startup Pitch Contest I Moscow

Starta Accelerator is excited to announce that we are accepting applications from technology startups with Eastern-European roots for our Summer'18 batch program in New York. The Program starts on August 6th 2018. 

March 2018
The SDO Blockchain Challenge

The SDO Blockchain Challenge is a global pitch competition giving a chance for the best blockchain based startups from around the world to fly to Dubai, compete for a $20,000 cash prize and meet the stakeholders of the Dubai government, who set an ambitious target to have all its transaction on blockchain by 2020!


December 2017
TOP-10 with Elissa Bloom

Приглашаем всех желающих 12 декабря в 16:00 принять участие в мероприятии с Элиссой Блум, генеральным директором Philadelphia Fashion Incubator, Macy’s Center City. Встреча пройдет на площадке GVA HUB (пер. Капранова 3, этаж 6) в формате ТОП-10, где спикер ответит на наиболее интересные вопросы участников и даст советы по решению конкретных кейсов или ситуаций.

November 2017
E-Commerce in Russia. New retail. New opportunities

In 2016, the Russian Internet market for the first time will exceed 1 trillion rubles. Despite the difficult economic situation in the country, the on-line trade market is rapidly developing, taking an appreciable part of the buyers from off-line. E-commerce in Russia has a huge potential, as the growth rate of this industry is comparable to global, but the share that is occupied by on-line retail in the total volume of Russian retail is negligible, now it does not exceed 3%. This sphere is rapidly changing, new threats are emerging, new opportunities are emerging. According to forecasts, in the next few years the share of electronic commerce in Russia will increase to 20%.

Digital Technologies Forum

Today, modern consumer business and technology developers live in parallel worlds. Every day start-ups and large IT companies create hundreds of solutions around the world. Units are implemented into the real business, shares of interest bring returns. The International Forum Digital Technologies Forum will bring together CEOs and founders of consumer market companies, as well as directors of innovation, to share the vision and practice of introducing technologies into the real economy: online and offline retail, financial institutions and telecom.

October 2017
27.10.2017, 03.12.2017
In Moscow for the first time the international educational Summit Global Education Leaders` Partnership will take place

The authoritative international alliance Global Education Leaders` Partnership (GELP), which influences the development of school education abroad, for the first time, chose Russia as a meeting point for leaders and experts of the world educational community. The official operator of GELP is the Global Venture Alliance.

17.10.2017, 30.11.2017
Russia creates a research center for IT solutions in the transport industry

The Global Venture Alliance team on October 17 at the international forum "Open Innovations 2017" in Skolkovo organized a closed signing between RZhD, IBM,  NES and NCC in the field of transport logistics.