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02 November, Wed
17 March, Friday

There is one question that comes up every time I talk about the accelerator program we run at Microsoft. Once people realize we don’t take equity from the startups participating in the accelerator program (which basically means it’s free), they immediately raise the question “so what’s in it for you?”

01 February, Wednesday

Tessa Court, CEO of IntelligenceBank, shares the issues to address before taking your company global.

25 January, Wednesday

It seems the entire world of people and things are connecting to the internet, with projections of 6 billion active smartphones and 50 billion connected things in use by 2020.

27 December, Tuesday

Much as they are today, people were enthralled by artificial intelligence in 1973 — the year Michael Crichton released the film Westworld. The film became MGM’s biggest box office hit of the year, yet launched the same year as the first AI winter: a massive event of depleted AI resources, dashed expectations, and dwindling interest over the ensuing decades.

13 December, Tuesday

For us to make an investment, not every question has to be answered affirmatively. But every question has to be asked. This allows us to proactively identify the risks in a company, and be self-aware of the blind spots in our decision. Very purposefully, the checklist is not a litany of metrics that a company must achieve in order to raise a round, rather it is a tool to invite both imaginative and critical thinking.

09 December, Friday

Sometimes it makes sense to take a step back and ask big picture questions. For example, if you are a VC, could you provide better returns by investing in only enterprise or consumer companies, or a mix of both enterprise and consumer? How should investment and exit trends over the last five years influence your fund size and strategy?

30 November, Wednesday

Now, I admit to being kind of old school in European venture. I first became a VC analyst at Atlas almost a decade ago. My early venture education came from Fred Destin and Sonali de Rycker, now both at Accel Partners. Much of their teaching mirrored Mark’s advice: you want to invest in traction, ideally accelerating growth where you understand the underlying drivers, understand how the team works, understand the economics of the industry.

25 November, Friday

If you’re a fan of the "Black Mirror", you might think it’s an interesting glimpse into the future. But, some of the technology you see throughout the series already exists in nascent stages. The six products below will give you a taste of a future that’s already here.

13 October, Thursday

I live a pretty cosmopolitan futuristic life atop a glass skyscraper in New York City, but I’ve yet to get a pizza delivered by drone, order a taxi from Alexa or open a hotel door with my smartwatch. I’ve also not booked a hotel from a bot (because trying that drove me crazy) nor consumed news from one, because that’s a terrible way to do it.

03 October, Monday

Ransomware has already managed to carve itself a niche as one of the main cybersecurity threats of 2016. As individuals, organizations and government agencies, we’re taking precautionary steps to protect ourselves against malware that can encrypt files beyond our reach.

28 September, Wednesday

The numbers speak for themselves. With over 4,200 startups, India is the world’s third largest startup ecosystem. According to a Nasscom report, Indian startups have risen to the next level with 100% growth in the number of private equity, angel investors and venture capitalists. Moreover, a 125% growth in funding was also recorded over the last year. While this is a welcome news for startups, it also brings with it the responsibility of sharing equity with the stakeholders and determining how much equity you should allocate to the co-founders, investors, employees, and advisors.

16 September, Friday

The success of high-tech accelerators has ignited the creation of similar models around the country hoping to replicate their accomplishments. But their achievements have not come without criticism.

05 September, Monday

You can’t swing a lightly inebriated jaguar by its tail without hitting half a dozen crowdfunding campaigns these days. Looking at some campaigns, it seems like it could be the ultimate get rich quick scheme: you dream up a harebrained idea, create a pretty video and BOOM. Make it rain. Except running a successful Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign is a lot more complicated than that. In this video, we take a closer look at some of the common pitfalls.

29 July, Friday

Over the past few years, cyber insurance markets have been growing at between 25-50 percent CAGR each year. According to The Betterley Report 2015, annual policy premiums are approaching $2.75 billion. The ecosystem of insurance underwriters, intermediaries/brokers, analysts/management consultants and compilers of insurance market information is evolving rapidly, trying to make the most of this rising tide. As large insurance underwriters try to grapple with cyber insurance, newcomers aim to disrupt this ecosystem. And the battle has just begun.

27 April, Wednesday

In early February 2016, a study of financing deals reported by The Wall Street Journal found that investors are increasingly protecting themselves from IPOs that don’t perform as expected. This fallout is a continuation of the demise of the so-called “unicorn,” a tech startup with a pre-IPO valuation of over one billion dollars.

18 March, Friday

The number of corporate accelerators is on the rise. More and more large corporations are investing, directly or indirectly, in the establishment of accelerator programs. Orange Fab, Microsoft Ventures, Hub: Raum and Wayra are just few examples of a wider trend that has been shaping the industry in the last years. 

25 January, Monday

Devin Wenig, president and CEO eBay, participated in the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos. The post is about how how interwoven technology and commerce have become. But what we’ve seen is only the beginning.

19 January, Tuesday

Silicon Valley's pursuit of diversity is skin-tone distracted and gender confused. Diversity is more than a ratio — it's urban and never suburban... Silicon Valley's leadership in sourcing innovative ideas is slipping and its feeble pursuit of diversity isn't helping. Original ideas come from original experiences — an environment that brims with a diversity of genders, skin colors, ages, economic backgrounds, national cultures, and artistic expression.

12 January, Tuesday

The Entrepreneur Insider network is an online community where the most thoughtful and influential people in America’s startup scene contribute answers to timely questions about entrepreneurship and careers. Today’s answer to the question “How do you know it’s time to drop your startup idea?” is written by Linda Darragh, professor of entrepreneurial practice at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

12 January, Tuesday

One of my investors candidly asked me recently, “Shelly, if I have an opportunity to invest with people I’ve just met, how do I avoid getting screwed over?” This is a good question; for most investors interested in startups, co-investing is the de facto way to invest.