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Askhat Urazbaev
Co-founder of ScrumTrek

Askhat Urazbaev made a typical career from a junior developer to a project manager ina small software company. Later on, in Luxoft, Askhat as a process architect was engaged in adopting «heavyweight» methodologies in different departments of the company. Happily, thanks to one of the customers, Askhat get some knowledge of Agile. The new way of development looked very effective. Askhat has participated in several Agile projects. In 2006 Askhat started to help teams and departments to adopt Agile methodologies in Luxoft. In March he has started Russian Agile Community (AgileRussia. ru). In 2008 Askhat along with his partner Nikita Filippov founded company ScrumTrek which consults trains and helps companies in their transition to Agile. Among the customers of ScrumTrek such companies as Yandex, Rambler, Skype, Alfa-Bank, Svyaznoy and many others